The most recent pieces in this list, the first few listed, are not actually op-eds per se, but articles that appeared in the News section of the New York Times. Those earlier than September 2019 are op-eds.

New York Times, “5 Hurricane Response Lessons That Apply to Coronavirus.” March 19, 2020.

New York Times, “The best scientific explanation: Bad trends plus bad luck.” October 29, 2019. By Adam Sobel (entry in Live Updates by Thomas Fuller and Tim Arango, scroll down for my bit).
New York Times, “Are wildfires caused by utilities or climate change? Yes” October 23, 2019. By Adam Sobel, in the Times’ California Today Newsletter, by Jill Cowan.

New York Times, “Are Clues to the Coming Winter Blowing in the Autumn Wind?” October 18, 2019.

New York Times, “What will turn Hurricane Dorian? How wide is the eye? Your questions answered.” September 3, 2019.

New York Times, “A Storm expert’s view: Dorian’s damage remains impossible to predict.” September 1, 2019.

CNN, “Scientist: Why do so many Americans ask me about nuking a hurricane?” August 26, 2019.

CNN, “Climate scientists aren’t in it for the money but the truth.” November 27, 2018.

CNN, “Who really paid to protect us from Florence.” September 16, 2018 (with Sean Solomon).

CNN, “Are we ready for Hurricane Irma?” September 7, 2017.

Fortune, “Climate change didn’t cause Hurricane Harvey, but it made it worse.” August 29, 2017 (with Suzana Camargo).

CNN, “Why Harvey’s devastation is so severe.” August 28, 2017.

New York Times, “Where are the hurricanes?” July 15, 2016.

Washington Post, “Links between climate change and extreme weather are increasingly clear and present.” March 11, 2016.

Times of India, “All at sea – what Mumbai needs to learn from Superstorm Sandy.” December 2, 2015.

CNN, “Patricia shows need for better hurricane forecasting.” October 24, 2015.

WXshift, “Joaquin? There’s no perfect forecast, so stay tuned, be prepared.” September 30, 2015.

CNN, “Did climate change cause California drought?” April 8, 2015. By Adam Sobel.

CNN, “Wrong but right about winter storm.” January 27, 2015. By Adam Sobel.

Los Angeles Times, “Flood, drought risks must be managed, with or without climate change.” December 18, 2014. By Adam Sobel and Richard Seager.

Salon, “Forget the ‘polar vortex’ backlash: How I learned to love an overused media buzzword.” Nov. 22, 2014. by Adam Sobel.

CNN, “Is China climate deal the best we can get?” Nov. 18, 2014. by Adam Sobel.

CNN, “Record cold doesn’t disprove global warming.” Jan. 7, 2014. by Adam Sobel.

Los Angeles Times, “Monitoring a climate epidemic.” Nov. 15, 2013. By Adam Sobel and Naomi Oreskes.

CNN, “How deadly storms claim a bigger toll.” Nov. 10, 2013. by Adam Sobel.

CNN, “What we didn’t learn from Superstorm Sandy.” Oct. 26, 2013. by Adam Sobel.


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