My book about Hurricane Sandy, _Storm Surge_ is available in bookstores and online.

Some reviews:

Washington Post: “…Sobel is able to navigate the complex science behind Sandy’s twists and turns with accessibility, precision and authority. … Sobel deeply cares about his city and his planet, and writes as a scientist and activist without blurring the line between the two.”

Kirkus: “…Sobel wants readers to comprehend Sandy as both a specific phenomenon and within the global picture, to understand the nature of Sandy and the atmospheric forces at play, which means a considerable dip into physics, meteorology and climatology. That dip turns out to be gratifying, as the author provides a readable introduction to patterns in the global atmosphere, their changes and the influence they have on weather events.”

S. Krishna’s Books: “Adam Sobel provides a fascinating overview of hurricanes, weather tracking, and climate change … The narrative of Sandy’s events, mixed with a commentary on the science behind it, provides an interesting bird’s eye view in this unique book.”


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  2. Dear Adam Sobel, I am a Belgian climatologist (currently working at KU Leuven). I have just finished reading your book and I wanted to tell you that it is very well written. I am strongly interested in Sandy storm because I was visiting New York as a tourist when the hurricane made landfall. At that time, I was very impressed by the forecast accuracy 3-4 days ahead of time, especially by the forecast of the ‘left turn’ shown on different TV channels. When I discovered your book on the web, I directly ordered it and I had a great time reading it, with all the fine details related to the hurricane physics. I highly recommend that book to all climate scientists and non-scientists with interest in hurricanes (and climatology in general).

    • David, thank you so much for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. If you are so inclined, maybe you might consider cutting and pasting what you wrote above into a review on Amazon or your favorite book-reviewing site 🙂

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