Public Talks

Here is a list of recent and upcoming public talks in 2016. Many, but not all, are about Sandy and Storm Surge. (These are not academic talks about my scientific research; I do those as well, but don’t list them here.)



April 7: Koshland Science Museum, Washington, DC.


March 16: Simon Fraser University Institute for Values in Policy and Science, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

March 17: University of Washington Program on Climate Change, Seattle, WA.

March 19: Reed College (Environmental Studies Department), Portland, OR.

March 20: Portland State University, Portland, OR.

March 22: Larchmont, NY.

March 25: Uncommon Ground (New York City Parks Dept. public lecture series), Arsenal building, Central Park, New York, NY.

April 13: Mid-Manhattan Library, 42nd street, NYC.

April 15: Bedford Farmers Club, Chappaqua, NY.

April 22: Nyack Library, Nyack, NY.

April 25: Annapolis Book Festival, Annapolis, MD.

April 30: Are We Ready for the Next Hurricane? A Symposium on Superstorm Sandy and Preparedness. Hofstra University.

July 7: Changing Our Ways for a Better Planet, Word for Word Series sponsored by HSBC. Bryant Park, New York, 12:30 PM.

August 25 – September 3: Eastern Canada Speaking Tour, organized by the MEOPAR program.

September 24: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Long Island Section, Bethpage Public Library, Bethpage, NY.

October 7: Columbia University, New York, NY. Sustainable Development Seminar Series: Growing Up in an Era of Extreme Events.

December 9: BRIC, Brooklyn, NY.

January 29: American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY.

March 22: New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY.


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